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Adjacent Institutions

Some of the adjacent institutions and facilities include the following:

The New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center:

a 1000-bed medical center that includes an inpatient Neurology Ward, an inpatient Stroke Unit, and a 12-bed neurological/neurosurgical intensive care unit.

The Neurological Institute,

which houses divisions devoted to the clinical care of cerebrovascular disorders, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, pediatric neurologic diseases, neurosurgical disorders, and epilepsy. The Institute also houses two imaging centers entirely devoted to brain functional MRI research: the Functional Neuroimaging Center, directed by Joy Hirsch, PhD, and the Hatch Magnetic Imaging Center, headed by Truman Brown, PhD.

The New York State Psychiatric Institute,

a facility devoted both to psychiatric research and inpatient and outpatient clinical psychiatric care.

The Mailman School of Public Health,

an institution offering courses in biostatistics and bioethics. The School also has a biostatistics group that is in active collaboration with many research groups for the purpose of data analysis.

The Irving Clinical Research Center,

a 20-bed unit entirely devoted to clinical research studies. The center is available for research groups throughout the campus to follow patients enrolled in research studies under full medical supervision.

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